Hello everybody!

And welcome to my The Sims 4 Legacy Blog!

It’s the first time I have the courage to publish a sims story. As you might have noticed, English is not my native tongue, so please be kind with me – I try my best! 🙂

That’s also the reason why I won’t tell the story from first-person perspective. Actually, I won’t post a story at all. It will be more like commenting the situations and the „life“ of my sims. I hope you get the point. If you need an example for what I’m trying to say, you can follow the link to Mariah’s blog Chim-Chim-Cheree (a sims 3 rainbow legacy) – it’s worth reading anyway. 😉

I won’t follow Pinstar’s legacy rules strictly. I won’t cheat of course (with the exception of resetsim or cas.fulleditmode since there’s currently no last name change after marriage – what I find quite lazy, dear programmers -.-) and I won’t count points either. Additionally, I chose a smaller lot than 50×50 at the beginning, because I really have trouble making enough money… But well, I think I’ll get the big lot when I have played more and see how the wind blows in that game.

This legacy is not my very first try of The Sims 4. I played some families before, because I wanted to see what the new iteration of the game is like. Usually, I’m a bit confused and need my time to catch the new gameplay and the differences to former sim titles. That’s what happened when I played Sims 2 and Sims 3 for the first time, so I took a few days watching and experimenting. I cannot say I’m fully done with that yet, but it was enough to start the legacy. I will probably make mistakes or jump to wrong conclusions anyway, but I hope I could reduce the frequency doing so through my short testing.

Okay now, enough abstract talking – let’s get to the main attraction here, finally. The founding sim, the matriarch of the family, the secret ruler of Willow Creek (well, hopefully in future), the girl who cannot be ignored: Penelope Sweet!

I hope you’ll have fun reading! ❤


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