1.2 Getting into it

Last time we met Penelope Sweet, the founder of this legacy. Now it’s time for her to make the first big move towards achieving her long term goal! 🙂

There we have it. Penelope advances in her relationship with Izaiah and asks him THE question. He said yes! So Penelope’s getting slowly near her first goal: Find a husband with whom you can have children. We ignore deliberately her stuck-into-the-wall shoe and won’t get distracted. 😉

The first natural choice after accepting a marriage proposal is to celebrate! After Izaiah has moved in, too, there was enough money to buy a bigger bed which is strongly needed now.

I love the walking animation when a sims toilet need is low! ❤ Although Penelope’s wearing her twist-him-around-the-little-finger outfit, her walking style makes it not looking sexy at all. It’s your luck, your fiancé is not going to see you now.

The kitchen and dining room got an update, too. Izaiah’s money made it possible! He also got a makeover to suit Penelope’s wishes. Mmmh, look at his muscular chest! He not only came with a 20,000 § check, he also has a hot body to offer. Izaiah has the Fitness skill at 10, so he got the Bodybuilder Aspiration and a job at the Criminal career like his soon-to-be wife. The downfall to Penelope was, that he is much older as she thought, being already an adult in the first third to elder… But well, time enough to get some of his charming genes.

He is nice and rather good looking. He likes Penelope and her cooking skill after all, which is not that simple thinking of her evil mind and crazy ideas. But that does not seem to bother him. Good for you, Penelope!

After a long and stressful night of work it’s time for something more fun. So the both of them have put on their finest clothes and are getting romantic!

There you are, Penelope’s looking more than confident. Her wits and charme have pulled him into her web! Although he doesn’t seem to be the sharpest arrow of the quiver, he is a loyal man who loves her dearly.

And so the two of them married in a simple way at home, all on their own. The future Sweet generations might have the time and the money to throw a greater wedding party, but for them it’s good as it is. Also, the ring Izaiah bought her, is big and shiny – that pleases your wife, Izaiah. Show her how precious she is to you and you will never have any problems. 🙂

Izaiah enjoys the meals his wife is cooking for him. Stressful days with work and sports lead to high calory food, but no worries – Izaiah is active enough to prevent losing his shape too soon. In the background you can see the updated kitchen, but I had to change it afterwards again. I wonder why, but sims cannot use the oven if something (here: the shelf with the hand soap and the spices rack) sits above the stove too low. I mean, it’s not too low to get the shelf there, and the sims can still use the stove, just the oven is blocked… oO

I’m leaving you for now with a neutral picture of Izaiah – although he looks quite tired here… As a reminder: He is an adult sim (I realized that not until I had move him in…) with the Bodybuilder Aspiration and is in the Criminal career. His traits are Active, Outgoing and Romantic.

Next time we will see if the freshly married couple can accomplish more of Penelope’s wishes in getting a bigger family with strong family ties… See you there. ❤



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