1.1 Meeting the Sweetest Girl

This is Penelope Sweet! She loves to look like a neat but sexy secretary. But her outside can fool you – on the inside she has a thing for mischievous and mean behaviour. At the moment, she doubts her money was well invested. Her house (you can watch it at the link above, „Legacy Home“) is small and the inside… well, furniture is expensive today. But this is just the beginning and she will soon earn money to improve the new center of the most powerful family of Willow Creek!

The first thing to do was getting a job. Luckily, the phone gave her the opportunity to get one: From now on she’s officially a Tough Gal (Criminal career) – not that she knew that already. After learning the requirements for her new job, Penelope chose to invest some more money to buy an important book to build the base of climbing up the career ladder. Since she knows no single sim in this new town, she finds it best to learn the simplest mischievous behaviour out of a book.

Other than getting better at the mischief skill, Penelope also thinks it could be no mistake to build up some muscle or at least getting a bit fitter. It’s also a way getting to know the surroundings better, she wants to start her family imperium here at least. Although she enjoys a jog from time to time, there’s not much chance of meeting some neighbours that way. She never was the favourite girl of everyone knowing her, but she needs a social life anyway – checking out potential love material is the next important step!

Over at the gym Penelope has more luck. She meets some interesting guys (one of them even seemed to be a noble, but unfortunately he was a non-committal sim not interested in getting married to her…). With this charming muscular man in the background she’s getting along fine. His name’s Izaiah Altman (how unique!) and he is single! ❤ More than that, he is handsome. She learns that he is an active, outgoing sim with a big romantic side. Could it get any better?

But in the end, Penelope still is on her own in the evenings. Okay, I have to mention, that ‚evening‘ means 3 or 4 AM, since she works over night. Izaiah and her have met again which you can tell because of her satisfied smile. But it’s difficult to find the time for work, getting better at mischief (or fulfilling the other qualifications to get a promotion) and have an exciting love life at the same time… Perhaps she has to think about the next step binding the man to her.

The next morning Penelope has made up her mind. Now she has a plan. When she feels a bit like a spider queen who spins her victim into her web, she will get Izaiah and start her family soon. Insert evil maniac laugh here. >:)

Okay, that’s it for today. I said there would be few pictures at the beginning… But well, this’ll get better soon. I hope you liked Penelope enough wanting to know how’s it going. So maybe see you again with the next chapter! ❤


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