1.3 Achieving Goals: Glitchy Girl

Last time, Penelope and Izaiah got married. What’s next? Right, babies!

The after-wedding-woohoo was actually quite fruitful. As you can see, Penelope shows off her growing belly. She has to eat more than normal now, but the most annoying thing is her bladder need, that almost goes up at the speed of light… There’s no peaceful night anymore, with getting up because of that at least once. (The shelf over the stove is still there – I guess I didn’t get the problem until later, when baking a cake wouldn’t work, either.)

Who we have here? It’s Bella Goth, a neighbour of the Sweets. She was a romantic interest of Izaiah, too, so she came to see him. But she didn’t know Penelope yet, who didn’t let her into their house or near her husband. And since Bella is a good sim, Penelope doesn’t like her, either. Well, how lucky Penelope needs to be dispised by one other sim in order to impress her boss to get that next promotion! It’s time for some yelling and name calling. When Bella became angry, Penelope was all happy about it.

Growing belly and breasts lead to an aching back often now… Penelope feels uncomfortable every now and then, but she never loses sight of her goals. Since her boss is not a children-friendly man, she doesn’t get paid maternity leave. Therefore, she got a promotion to Felonius Monk! Well, her boss knows she’s good in being bad, so he seems to assure her continuing services.

In the meantime, Penelope’s meeting new … ‚friends‘. She needs someone to pickpocket, actually. But well, it’s more difficult than she thought. This one here noticed her strange behaviour and refused to further socialize. This failure made her angry.

Stomp, stomp, stomp. It’s her angry walking style. I think it looks quite cute with the clenched hands and the angry eye. ❤ But pssst! If she hear’s that, it won’t calm her down. Penelope, angriness won’t be good for the baby…

Meanwhile, Izaiah is repairing the sink. Again. He has build some serious handiness skills by now, because every plumbing object breaks like every two days… Until now he sold every plumbing material he got from repairing, but in future he’ll better upgrade the stuff to unbreakable or the TS4 equivalent.

Penelope is calming down by ‚trolling teh forums‘ and chatting. It seems to work at least.

Short time after that, Penelope just wanted to go to bed, a strong pain keeps her awake. The baby’s coming! And Izaiah is no big help jigging about and blabbing strange things… Hey man, your girl is in labor and is more zen than you… Eventually, she could calm him down a bit, so that he could take her to the hospital.

And there she is, the little stress provoking miss! Penelope named her Tabatha (and Izaiah had no right to veto :)). Tabatha looks like a cute baby girl, but well… the genes! She’s evil like her mom! Because I’m a big fan of random trait assignment, I was thankful for the possibility to do so by this random trait generator. I don’t know why Maxis won’t let us roll the traits anymore, but well… at least there’re smart people out there who find other solutions. 😉

Oh well, time flies by soooo fast… Tabatha now’s a kid! — Okay, here’s what happened: After her birth, her mother skipped work and was going to bed instead. Izaiah was at work at that time. When he came back, he gave their baby girl the bottle and shortly after he was going to bed, too. The next day, I sent them both to work, so Tabatha was given away to daycare automatically. But unfortunately, she never returned… I think it was a glitch, that her baby-self never came back from daycare, although both parents were at home. Neither Penelope nor Izaiah could do anything clicking on the cradle, except aging up the child. 😦 So, unfortunately there are no pictures of baby Tabatha with one of her parents… I had to age her up early, too. *sigh*

So. Let us forget what happened and go on instead. This is Tabatha, after she changed her looks. I find her quite cute – the blond little angel with the evil inside. :] She’s got the Whiz Kid aspiration and we will see, if she can achieve it. Welcome to the family, Tabatha! Will your life be long and evil! 🙂

Okay guys, that’s it for now! I hope you liked it, and see you next time! ❤



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