1.4 Meeting another Sweet

Hi together! I present you the next chapter of the legacy! 🙂 Last time we involuntarily skipped Tabatha’s baby stage, but can now enjoy the little brat’s true face – hehe!

Tabatha is over her first day on school and tries to do her homework now. Her parents are still asleep, but she obviously was longing for their attention. So she works on the homework here without further ado. 🙂

Tabatha got the monkey bars from her parents – a small excuse for being asleep or at work mostly all the time. Tabatha likes them now, but actually she has a somewhat low endurance… When she has build a bit of the motor skill, she’ll probably turn her back on them and will concentrate on something else.

At least Penelope has time for her little girl, every now and then. Although she seems to be somewhere else with her mind…  What’s up, Penelope?

Aha! There we have it! Look at Penelope’s belly – a new sweet addition to the family is on his or her way! ❤ That probably reminds her of the importance of family. Regular family meals are on schedule again. Sometimes they just come together sitting and chatting, too.

Tabatha’s studious. She wants to get better grades (currently she has a ‚C‘) because she knows, that her mommy would be very proud of her. With a new sibling on the way, she desperately needs to remind Penelope, that she is the firstborn, very smart and worth of any attention!

But after the homework (and extra credit work, too), there always is Tabatha’s best friend: Drago. Since it’s damned difficult to get to know other children (seriously, there seem to be no other children in Willow Creek at all, at least in my game… oO), girls sometimes have to rely on their stuffed but most loyal friends.

In the meantime Penelope falls asleep where she stands… A job, a husband, a little girl and the baby – that’s too much today! She’s absolutely too tired to just make one step.

Grrr, little girl’s angry! Why? Because mommy promised to spend some time together, but now she’s sleeping on the floor and obviously has all the fun on her own…

So what to do? Tabatha’s angry-relieving skills are not that developed yet, so she does what comes to her mind first. That includes putting on the pajamas (for comfort and cosiness) and learning chess. Like I said before, the monkey bars are already out. Chess is in now and this seems to be a longer lasting pleasure, Tabatha wants to become a Whiz Kid at least.

Wooooah, the new baby’s there! This time, Penelope had a home birth (because she still was too tired to go to the hospital). It’s a boy and his name’s Bartholomew. Bartholomew Sweet – sounds nice, doesn’t it? ❤

Cuddle time! Penelope examines her newborn. Who will be the better heir to her throne? Future has to show that yet. This decision will be made when both of them will be teens. What, a third baby? Hmm… Penelope is a beginner in having a family at her terms, so she thinks two are enough. At least she thinks that now. Apart from that, Izaiah will soon age to elder, so we have to see what that will be like, too.

So that’s it for today! I hope you had fun reading. See you next time, when little Bartholomew celebrates his first birthday! ❤



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