1.5 A Weekend at the Sweet’s

Hey everybody! As you probably have noticed, the update frequency has dropped dramatically. That’s because my freetime is over and I have to work again (bleh, full-time jobs stink! – if it wasn’t for the money…). But I plan to update once a week at least. Okay, so here comes the next chapter! Thanks for reading! ❤

Penelope is in her shape again with the baby belly gone for good. … Well, almost in her old shape. You can’t see it right now, because she knows that her lingerie makes her look sexy always (and the table blocks the sight, too). But actually, she has gained some weight. Who wonders. She loves the sweet breakfasts, eating pancakes right now. Izaiah has kept his hot body, but he works out at least once a day.

It’s weekend now, so Izaiah spends time with his daughter. Tabatha is still learning chess, although she’s better than her dad by now. This kid is smart!

Oh oh, don’t look away, Izaiah! Keep your eyes fixed on the chess table – your offspring is a devil inside, as you should know. Tabatha’s cheating, if you don’t look close, even if she’s better at playing chess than you. 🙂

Look who we have here! You cannot recognize him? Well, that’s okay, because you can’t know his looks yet. It’s Bartholomew! Because it’s his birthday! 🙂 That’s the default look the game chose for him. But he will be edited soon. — I wanted to show you some pictures of his miraculously change from baby to child, but the game got me again… As you might remember, I had to age Tabatha up early, because she never returned from daycare (and that was the only option left). Bartholomew here never was at daycare, because I wanted to be on the safe side with him. But unfortunately, none of his parents could take baby Bartholomew to his birthday cake… And Penelope made a special chocolate cake, even with birthday candles. I don’t know if this was a bug or if the game doesn’t let us celebrate the baby-to-child birthdays this way… Maybe I will learn that next time. 😦

Totally against his mother’s plans, Bartholomew didn’t want to eat chocolate cake… Actually, he was so hungry after aging up, I had to give him something real. So he got the only meal left: a protein energy meal by his father. Mmmmh, that’s tasting good, right? Somehow Penelope got convinced that meat, egg and… peas (?) are the best for her little boy, too.

I said it before, but repairing broken objects became quite a hobby of Izaiah… They’re constantly breaking, every day Izaiah has to swing his wrench. Sure, he could replace them easily. But that’ll cost money and money the Sweet’s don’t have… The children have expensive wishes and want new toys, the rent looms too. They still have no stairs or a second floor, Tabatha and Bartholomew are still sleeping in the big corner of the hallway, right in front of the bathroom. So Izaiah keeps repairing. And has some fun with it, apparently.

The rest of his sparse freetime, Izaiah works for keeping his hot body. He soon will age to elder and we don’t know yet, what will happen then… Maybe he’s got a kind of late midlife crisis, too, or he wants to prove himself that he’s not becoming old. So yeah, go on boxing, Izaiah! At least your wife will appreciate that. 🙂

Bella Goth: „Izaiah, is that you? We haven’t seen each other such a long time! Hug?“ – Izaiah: „Uh… oh… Bella, hi. … Erm, you are standing on the sidewalk right in front of my house, you know? … It’s sunday. My wife’s at home.“ Good boy, Izaiah. Penelope could get frightening. And veeeeery convincing – we hate Bella Goth, you know that well… So Bella walkes away, again. No hug.

In the meantime, Bartholomew got to eat a slice of his birthday cake after all. It’s sparkling, because Penelope is quite good at cooking by now. Here you can admire the boy’s new outfit, too. Bartholomew’s a creative child, quite an artist already. So, long hair was a must.

Ah well, the weekend’s too short – the monday came too soon. The siblings are on their way to school and Tabatha proudly shows her little brother the ropes. ❤

Okay, that’s it for today! It was a quiet weekend at home, but I promise there is more activity to come. And more of Penelope. What has she done the whole time in fact? oO Well, we will lift a few of her secrets soon. 🙂 I leave you with two closeups of Tabatha and Bartholomew – did I mention, that I really love the sim’s face expressions? ❤ Next time you’ll get more sexy Penelope, more family life, a stranger with a very funny name and a small graphics bug. See you!


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