The Sweetest Story

1.5 A Weekend at the Sweet’s

Hey everybody! As you probably have noticed, the update frequency has dropped dramatically. That’s because my freetime is over and I have to work again (bleh, full-time jobs stink! – if it wasn’t for the money…). But I plan to update once a week at least. Okay, so here comes the next chapter! Thanks for reading! ❤

Penelope is in her shape again with the baby belly gone for good. … Well, almost in her old shape. You can’t see it right now, because she knows that her lingerie makes her look sexy always (and the table blocks the sight, too). But actually, she has gained some weight. Who wonders. She loves the sweet breakfasts, eating pancakes right now. Izaiah has kept his hot body, but he works out at least once a day.

It’s weekend now, so Izaiah spends time with his daughter. Tabatha is still learning chess, although she’s better than her dad by now. This kid is smart!

Oh oh, don’t look away, Izaiah! Keep your eyes fixed on the chess table – your offspring is a devil inside, as you should know. Tabatha’s cheating, if you don’t look close, even if she’s better at playing chess than you. 🙂

Look who we have here! You cannot recognize him? Well, that’s okay, because you can’t know his looks yet. It’s Bartholomew! Because it’s his birthday! 🙂 That’s the default look the game chose for him. But he will be edited soon. — I wanted to show you some pictures of his miraculously change from baby to child, but the game got me again… As you might remember, I had to age Tabatha up early, because she never returned from daycare (and that was the only option left). Bartholomew here never was at daycare, because I wanted to be on the safe side with him. But unfortunately, none of his parents could take baby Bartholomew to his birthday cake… And Penelope made a special chocolate cake, even with birthday candles. I don’t know if this was a bug or if the game doesn’t let us celebrate the baby-to-child birthdays this way… Maybe I will learn that next time. 😦

Totally against his mother’s plans, Bartholomew didn’t want to eat chocolate cake… Actually, he was so hungry after aging up, I had to give him something real. So he got the only meal left: a protein energy meal by his father. Mmmmh, that’s tasting good, right? Somehow Penelope got convinced that meat, egg and… peas (?) are the best for her little boy, too.

I said it before, but repairing broken objects became quite a hobby of Izaiah… They’re constantly breaking, every day Izaiah has to swing his wrench. Sure, he could replace them easily. But that’ll cost money and money the Sweet’s don’t have… The children have expensive wishes and want new toys, the rent looms too. They still have no stairs or a second floor, Tabatha and Bartholomew are still sleeping in the big corner of the hallway, right in front of the bathroom. So Izaiah keeps repairing. And has some fun with it, apparently.

The rest of his sparse freetime, Izaiah works for keeping his hot body. He soon will age to elder and we don’t know yet, what will happen then… Maybe he’s got a kind of late midlife crisis, too, or he wants to prove himself that he’s not becoming old. So yeah, go on boxing, Izaiah! At least your wife will appreciate that. 🙂

Bella Goth: „Izaiah, is that you? We haven’t seen each other such a long time! Hug?“ – Izaiah: „Uh… oh… Bella, hi. … Erm, you are standing on the sidewalk right in front of my house, you know? … It’s sunday. My wife’s at home.“ Good boy, Izaiah. Penelope could get frightening. And veeeeery convincing – we hate Bella Goth, you know that well… So Bella walkes away, again. No hug.

In the meantime, Bartholomew got to eat a slice of his birthday cake after all. It’s sparkling, because Penelope is quite good at cooking by now. Here you can admire the boy’s new outfit, too. Bartholomew’s a creative child, quite an artist already. So, long hair was a must.

Ah well, the weekend’s too short – the monday came too soon. The siblings are on their way to school and Tabatha proudly shows her little brother the ropes. ❤

Okay, that’s it for today! It was a quiet weekend at home, but I promise there is more activity to come. And more of Penelope. What has she done the whole time in fact? oO Well, we will lift a few of her secrets soon. 🙂 I leave you with two closeups of Tabatha and Bartholomew – did I mention, that I really love the sim’s face expressions? ❤ Next time you’ll get more sexy Penelope, more family life, a stranger with a very funny name and a small graphics bug. See you!


1.4 Meeting another Sweet

Hi together! I present you the next chapter of the legacy! 🙂 Last time we involuntarily skipped Tabatha’s baby stage, but can now enjoy the little brat’s true face – hehe!

Tabatha is over her first day on school and tries to do her homework now. Her parents are still asleep, but she obviously was longing for their attention. So she works on the homework here without further ado. 🙂

Tabatha got the monkey bars from her parents – a small excuse for being asleep or at work mostly all the time. Tabatha likes them now, but actually she has a somewhat low endurance… When she has build a bit of the motor skill, she’ll probably turn her back on them and will concentrate on something else.

At least Penelope has time for her little girl, every now and then. Although she seems to be somewhere else with her mind…  What’s up, Penelope?

Aha! There we have it! Look at Penelope’s belly – a new sweet addition to the family is on his or her way! ❤ That probably reminds her of the importance of family. Regular family meals are on schedule again. Sometimes they just come together sitting and chatting, too.

Tabatha’s studious. She wants to get better grades (currently she has a ‚C‘) because she knows, that her mommy would be very proud of her. With a new sibling on the way, she desperately needs to remind Penelope, that she is the firstborn, very smart and worth of any attention!

But after the homework (and extra credit work, too), there always is Tabatha’s best friend: Drago. Since it’s damned difficult to get to know other children (seriously, there seem to be no other children in Willow Creek at all, at least in my game… oO), girls sometimes have to rely on their stuffed but most loyal friends.

In the meantime Penelope falls asleep where she stands… A job, a husband, a little girl and the baby – that’s too much today! She’s absolutely too tired to just make one step.

Grrr, little girl’s angry! Why? Because mommy promised to spend some time together, but now she’s sleeping on the floor and obviously has all the fun on her own…

So what to do? Tabatha’s angry-relieving skills are not that developed yet, so she does what comes to her mind first. That includes putting on the pajamas (for comfort and cosiness) and learning chess. Like I said before, the monkey bars are already out. Chess is in now and this seems to be a longer lasting pleasure, Tabatha wants to become a Whiz Kid at least.

Wooooah, the new baby’s there! This time, Penelope had a home birth (because she still was too tired to go to the hospital). It’s a boy and his name’s Bartholomew. Bartholomew Sweet – sounds nice, doesn’t it? ❤

Cuddle time! Penelope examines her newborn. Who will be the better heir to her throne? Future has to show that yet. This decision will be made when both of them will be teens. What, a third baby? Hmm… Penelope is a beginner in having a family at her terms, so she thinks two are enough. At least she thinks that now. Apart from that, Izaiah will soon age to elder, so we have to see what that will be like, too.

So that’s it for today! I hope you had fun reading. See you next time, when little Bartholomew celebrates his first birthday! ❤


1.3 Achieving Goals: Glitchy Girl

Last time, Penelope and Izaiah got married. What’s next? Right, babies!

The after-wedding-woohoo was actually quite fruitful. As you can see, Penelope shows off her growing belly. She has to eat more than normal now, but the most annoying thing is her bladder need, that almost goes up at the speed of light… There’s no peaceful night anymore, with getting up because of that at least once. (The shelf over the stove is still there – I guess I didn’t get the problem until later, when baking a cake wouldn’t work, either.)

Who we have here? It’s Bella Goth, a neighbour of the Sweets. She was a romantic interest of Izaiah, too, so she came to see him. But she didn’t know Penelope yet, who didn’t let her into their house or near her husband. And since Bella is a good sim, Penelope doesn’t like her, either. Well, how lucky Penelope needs to be dispised by one other sim in order to impress her boss to get that next promotion! It’s time for some yelling and name calling. When Bella became angry, Penelope was all happy about it.

Growing belly and breasts lead to an aching back often now… Penelope feels uncomfortable every now and then, but she never loses sight of her goals. Since her boss is not a children-friendly man, she doesn’t get paid maternity leave. Therefore, she got a promotion to Felonius Monk! Well, her boss knows she’s good in being bad, so he seems to assure her continuing services.

In the meantime, Penelope’s meeting new … ‚friends‘. She needs someone to pickpocket, actually. But well, it’s more difficult than she thought. This one here noticed her strange behaviour and refused to further socialize. This failure made her angry.

Stomp, stomp, stomp. It’s her angry walking style. I think it looks quite cute with the clenched hands and the angry eye. ❤ But pssst! If she hear’s that, it won’t calm her down. Penelope, angriness won’t be good for the baby…

Meanwhile, Izaiah is repairing the sink. Again. He has build some serious handiness skills by now, because every plumbing object breaks like every two days… Until now he sold every plumbing material he got from repairing, but in future he’ll better upgrade the stuff to unbreakable or the TS4 equivalent.

Penelope is calming down by ‚trolling teh forums‘ and chatting. It seems to work at least.

Short time after that, Penelope just wanted to go to bed, a strong pain keeps her awake. The baby’s coming! And Izaiah is no big help jigging about and blabbing strange things… Hey man, your girl is in labor and is more zen than you… Eventually, she could calm him down a bit, so that he could take her to the hospital.

And there she is, the little stress provoking miss! Penelope named her Tabatha (and Izaiah had no right to veto :)). Tabatha looks like a cute baby girl, but well… the genes! She’s evil like her mom! Because I’m a big fan of random trait assignment, I was thankful for the possibility to do so by this random trait generator. I don’t know why Maxis won’t let us roll the traits anymore, but well… at least there’re smart people out there who find other solutions. 😉

Oh well, time flies by soooo fast… Tabatha now’s a kid! — Okay, here’s what happened: After her birth, her mother skipped work and was going to bed instead. Izaiah was at work at that time. When he came back, he gave their baby girl the bottle and shortly after he was going to bed, too. The next day, I sent them both to work, so Tabatha was given away to daycare automatically. But unfortunately, she never returned… I think it was a glitch, that her baby-self never came back from daycare, although both parents were at home. Neither Penelope nor Izaiah could do anything clicking on the cradle, except aging up the child. 😦 So, unfortunately there are no pictures of baby Tabatha with one of her parents… I had to age her up early, too. *sigh*

So. Let us forget what happened and go on instead. This is Tabatha, after she changed her looks. I find her quite cute – the blond little angel with the evil inside. :] She’s got the Whiz Kid aspiration and we will see, if she can achieve it. Welcome to the family, Tabatha! Will your life be long and evil! 🙂

Okay guys, that’s it for now! I hope you liked it, and see you next time! ❤


1.2 Getting into it

Last time we met Penelope Sweet, the founder of this legacy. Now it’s time for her to make the first big move towards achieving her long term goal! 🙂

There we have it. Penelope advances in her relationship with Izaiah and asks him THE question. He said yes! So Penelope’s getting slowly near her first goal: Find a husband with whom you can have children. We ignore deliberately her stuck-into-the-wall shoe and won’t get distracted. 😉

The first natural choice after accepting a marriage proposal is to celebrate! After Izaiah has moved in, too, there was enough money to buy a bigger bed which is strongly needed now.

I love the walking animation when a sims toilet need is low! ❤ Although Penelope’s wearing her twist-him-around-the-little-finger outfit, her walking style makes it not looking sexy at all. It’s your luck, your fiancé is not going to see you now.

The kitchen and dining room got an update, too. Izaiah’s money made it possible! He also got a makeover to suit Penelope’s wishes. Mmmh, look at his muscular chest! He not only came with a 20,000 § check, he also has a hot body to offer. Izaiah has the Fitness skill at 10, so he got the Bodybuilder Aspiration and a job at the Criminal career like his soon-to-be wife. The downfall to Penelope was, that he is much older as she thought, being already an adult in the first third to elder… But well, time enough to get some of his charming genes.

He is nice and rather good looking. He likes Penelope and her cooking skill after all, which is not that simple thinking of her evil mind and crazy ideas. But that does not seem to bother him. Good for you, Penelope!

After a long and stressful night of work it’s time for something more fun. So the both of them have put on their finest clothes and are getting romantic!

There you are, Penelope’s looking more than confident. Her wits and charme have pulled him into her web! Although he doesn’t seem to be the sharpest arrow of the quiver, he is a loyal man who loves her dearly.

And so the two of them married in a simple way at home, all on their own. The future Sweet generations might have the time and the money to throw a greater wedding party, but for them it’s good as it is. Also, the ring Izaiah bought her, is big and shiny – that pleases your wife, Izaiah. Show her how precious she is to you and you will never have any problems. 🙂

Izaiah enjoys the meals his wife is cooking for him. Stressful days with work and sports lead to high calory food, but no worries – Izaiah is active enough to prevent losing his shape too soon. In the background you can see the updated kitchen, but I had to change it afterwards again. I wonder why, but sims cannot use the oven if something (here: the shelf with the hand soap and the spices rack) sits above the stove too low. I mean, it’s not too low to get the shelf there, and the sims can still use the stove, just the oven is blocked… oO

I’m leaving you for now with a neutral picture of Izaiah – although he looks quite tired here… As a reminder: He is an adult sim (I realized that not until I had move him in…) with the Bodybuilder Aspiration and is in the Criminal career. His traits are Active, Outgoing and Romantic.

Next time we will see if the freshly married couple can accomplish more of Penelope’s wishes in getting a bigger family with strong family ties… See you there. ❤


1.1 Meeting the Sweetest Girl

This is Penelope Sweet! She loves to look like a neat but sexy secretary. But her outside can fool you – on the inside she has a thing for mischievous and mean behaviour. At the moment, she doubts her money was well invested. Her house (you can watch it at the link above, „Legacy Home“) is small and the inside… well, furniture is expensive today. But this is just the beginning and she will soon earn money to improve the new center of the most powerful family of Willow Creek!

The first thing to do was getting a job. Luckily, the phone gave her the opportunity to get one: From now on she’s officially a Tough Gal (Criminal career) – not that she knew that already. After learning the requirements for her new job, Penelope chose to invest some more money to buy an important book to build the base of climbing up the career ladder. Since she knows no single sim in this new town, she finds it best to learn the simplest mischievous behaviour out of a book.

Other than getting better at the mischief skill, Penelope also thinks it could be no mistake to build up some muscle or at least getting a bit fitter. It’s also a way getting to know the surroundings better, she wants to start her family imperium here at least. Although she enjoys a jog from time to time, there’s not much chance of meeting some neighbours that way. She never was the favourite girl of everyone knowing her, but she needs a social life anyway – checking out potential love material is the next important step!

Over at the gym Penelope has more luck. She meets some interesting guys (one of them even seemed to be a noble, but unfortunately he was a non-committal sim not interested in getting married to her…). With this charming muscular man in the background she’s getting along fine. His name’s Izaiah Altman (how unique!) and he is single! ❤ More than that, he is handsome. She learns that he is an active, outgoing sim with a big romantic side. Could it get any better?

But in the end, Penelope still is on her own in the evenings. Okay, I have to mention, that ‚evening‘ means 3 or 4 AM, since she works over night. Izaiah and her have met again which you can tell because of her satisfied smile. But it’s difficult to find the time for work, getting better at mischief (or fulfilling the other qualifications to get a promotion) and have an exciting love life at the same time… Perhaps she has to think about the next step binding the man to her.

The next morning Penelope has made up her mind. Now she has a plan. When she feels a bit like a spider queen who spins her victim into her web, she will get Izaiah and start her family soon. Insert evil maniac laugh here. >:)

Okay, that’s it for today. I said there would be few pictures at the beginning… But well, this’ll get better soon. I hope you liked Penelope enough wanting to know how’s it going. So maybe see you again with the next chapter! ❤