Hello! 🙂

My name is Sanguare and I’m a simmer from the very beginning with Sims 1. I have played all the games throughout the series and mostly every addon. Okay, not every addon of Sims 3. With Sims 4 on scedule, I skipped the last two that came out (Island Paradise and Into the Future) – although I wished I would have skipped Showtime instead… >.<

I mainly play legacy style. And although it wasn’t always easy with Sims 3, I love rotational gameplay – for variety. My last bigger project was a heavily modified Rebuild the World challenge in Sims 3, that was settled in an empty Lucky Palms. But as you may have read in my first post: I never published a story before. Because I’m quite shy. 8)

Other than the Sims I love playing video games in general. I don’t own an up-to-date console (my last was Play Station 2), but my PC is in a decent shape, I think. It isn’t a super good high-end machine, but good enough to play most new games with high graphics (except shooters perhaps, but I don’t like these anyway). I love roleplaying games the most (like my all-time favourite Dragon Age: Origins), but I’m also quite into MMORPGs. I played World of Warcraft for about 7 years, a few others too, and at the moment there’s Elder Scrolls Online.

I won’t tell that much about real life (and I hope you will understand). Just that: I’m from Germany, have a boring job and way too less freetime. But well… 🙂

I hope you’ll like what I present you here. I’ll try my best!


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