Legacy Home

As time goes by, the legacy home of the Sweet family will surely change with higher incomes and spouse’s money after marriages. Here I present the Sweet’s home from time to time, when greater changes are being made.

Penelope’s starter home, built with her savings of 20,000 § at the very beginning. I had to add a one-step-stair in front of the door after taking the screenshot, because sims cannot get up the foundation, even if it’s not higher than one step of a stair… ^^‘

The somewhat sparse inside. I added just the essiantials, mostly. Exception: board with flowers in the bedroom and the round red bathroom carpet.

When Izaiah moved in, he brought a 20,000 § check with him, so Penelope could buy more furniture and décor. That’s the Sweet house right after the birth of Bartholomew (you can see him in his cradle in front of Izaiah in the living room). Unfortunately, there was not enough money to build a proper children’s room… Actually, I wanted to add another floor, but jeez! stairs are sooooo expensive and the rent! The Sweets have to pay around 1,000 § every monday. Doesn’t sound much, but each of them earns just around 170 § a day (with job level 4 and 5)… ^^‘


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