1 – Penelope


Penelope’s Aspiration: Family (Successful Lineage)


trait-selfassured (Self-Assured)  trait-ambitious (Ambitious)  trait-evil (Evil)

Penelope Sweet is the founding sim of this legacy!

Her family origins cannot match up to her ambitions. With her mother dying at her birth and her father never founding a partner again, she remained „siblingless“. As a child she spent most of her time on her own. Her father was working all day until late at night to get the two of them fed – she barely knew him. Still, she loved him without condition. When she was 8 years old, he was shot at home by a tall dark man with a skull tattoo on his wrist. Penelope witnessed the crime from her hiding place. After that, the police of Sim City was not a big help, the murderer was never caught… Frustrated and angry, she promised to become the most powerful gangster herself since the police is as weak as she was.

The years after that she lived at an orphanage. No new parents were interested in a shabby, gloomy child with a bad temper who had a thing for sarcastic or mean jokes and pranks. She was angry but lonely, too. There she realized, that strong family bonds are the necessary basis of whatever you will do with your life. When she grew older, she wanted a family of her own more than anything else. A strong family, a powerful family with her in control. At the same time, she got to the bottom of the murder of her father and discovered his old stash of cash because of which her dad was murdered in the first place.

When she was 18, she left the orphanage and the city behind. She asked the first trucker she saw for a ride to whatever place he would be heading. And so, she came to Willow Creek eventually. Here, she bought a small property of land with a nice house on it and decided to stay. Since fate was owing her, from now on things could only get better.

At least that tragic and somewhat dramatic story she would love to tell. The truth is more ordinary and so much more boring – Penelope comes from a middle class home with neat frontyard lawn and nice floral curtains at the suburb of SimCity. She does not have any siblings but her parents are both alive, although not in touch with her. When she was 18, she took the money from her savings account and ran off into independance and away from that narrow-minded suburban lifestyle her parents lived. That’s mostly all. Boring, right?


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